Friday, October 12, 2007

The Alpaca Van

It is amazing how your priorities change when you get into this business. We have a great truck and trailer set up that we had customized to meet our "alpaca traveling" needs. But we kept thinking about what would we do if we were off the ranch with our "rig" and an animal needed to be transported to the vet. Or how nice it would be if we had a small van for everyday use instead of having to take out the large "rig". Mostly I was thinking how nice it would be if I didn't have to depend on using the "rig" and could use a smaller van. Did I mention that I am not comfortable driving the "rig"? Scott started looking at the great place in Half Moon Bay, Princeton really called "Smith's Trucks". This guy gets used fleet trucks from companies, goes through them and puts on new tires, brakes, whatever is needed. Then he paints them white or yellow and sells them at very good prices. Scott found exactly what we needed. A 1990 Ford Econoline van. White with air and windows and plenty of room for animals. What a relief, I can now take one or two animals to the vet, or meet up with a transporter and not have to rely on driving the "rig". I'll save that for Scott.