Thursday, July 10, 2008

Please Back Up Your Computer

So, I haven't been on the blog for quite some time. I have been writing stories and saving them to my documents in our computer. Much to my dismay, about a month ago our computer started making clicking noises. It didn't want to boot up and I started getting scared that I might lose all of our "Alpaca Ease" files. These are the day to day files you keep on every one of your alpacas. I have three years of accumulated information on this. Doseages, treatments, birthing histories, everything you can imagine. I've been good and backed up everything. Not daily, but at least I had something to fall back on. The day the computer started making noises I backed up "Alpaca Ease" on a disc right away. The computer made one fatal noise and crashed. We had to get a new hard drive and reinstall it. Once that was done, we put in our "Alpaca Ease" back up disc and clicked it open. Can you guess? We had not been backing up properly and nothing was there. Not one little thing. Needless to say......check your backed up work to make sure it indeed is backed up. We have since sent our hard drive to a retrieval company in hopes they can find some of our work. I am trying not to think about it too much. It is just very depressing. But stay tuned for new stories on the blog! We have many to talk about.