February 13, 2013

By: Laurie Findlay

History and Procedures of a Male with Urinary Stones

Emergency! Male not able to Pee

Pistol is a 2.8 year old male huacaya who weighs 145 lbs.

On 6/5/11 I noticed Pistol was standing in the dung pile trying to pee with only drops of blood coming out.
In the past when one of our alpacas displayed this behavior we would try in vain to get him to pee by doing the following. Unfortunately the outcome had not been good and we had to euthanize the male. But we wanted to try.

Pistol received as follows on the 1st day of discovery:
6/5/11 - 3cc's of Exceed SQ, 8,000mg of Vitamin C orally, and Probiotics for stress
I had put in a call to my fellow rancher Dianna Jordan who happened to be experiencing the same thing and found out she was starting to use an herb called “Chanca Piedra” or Stonebreaker along with what I was already using. I went to the Organic Food store the very next day.

6/6/11 now Pistol was receiving 8,000mg of Vitamin C orally, Probiotics, and Stone Breaker Herb 2cc Orally 2 X daily

On 6/7/11 I put a call into Dr. Michelle Ing who added Flomax at 0.4mg orally daily to my regime of 8,000mg of Vitamin C orally, Probiotics, Stone Breaker Herb 2cc Orally 2X Daily, 1000mg of Cranberry Extract
I mixed the Vitamin C, Cranberry and Flomax with a small amount of warm water to make a paste and used a 60 cc syringe to dose about 15cc of watery paste.

At this point Pistol was observed drinking water, continuing to eat hay and his pellets. No blood seen, but only drips of urine and still extended periods at the dung pile.

6/8/11 Increased per Dr. Ing, the Vitamin C to 10,000mg daily, Probiotics, Stone Breaker Herb 2xcc daily, 1000mg of Cranberry and Flomax 0.4mg daily.

Observed chewing cud, but still only drips in dung pile.
6/9 same as 6/8 but 2nd dosage of Exceed, still observed only dripping in dung pile.

6/10/11 increased dosage of Flomax to 0.8mg daily, in the AM, 10,000Vitamin C and 1000 mg Cranberry and probiotics, plus Stone Breaker Herb 2cc 2 X daily.

At 6:00pm observed Pistol peeing normally in dung pile twice. No dripping or blood observed.
Will continue on Flomax for the duration of 7 days.
Will continue Vitamin C and Stone Breaker Herb as Pistol could be prone to getting stones.

This is the 2nd male I have had with stones, both around the same age. The first male did not receive Flomax or Stone Breaker and had to be euthanized. I am hoping the use of Flomax will be a breakthrough for these male alpacas that could be prone to getting stones.
Thank you Michelle Ing for getting me the prescription, and most likely saving Pistol's life.

As of September 9, 2011, Pistol is peeing freely and a very happy alpaca!
Laurie Findlay – Alpacas of El Dorado