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6Peruvian Chachapoya 5110 IMPR98

AIA Accoyo Sir Baronoff
Sir Baronoff is a big boned, full Accoyo, Studmaster male from one of the finest herdsires ever imported from the Accoyo Ranch, the famous Baron. Sir Baronoff displays full coverage, density and luster in one package.

DDF Accoyo Armani

Derwydd Accoyo Ch'aska

Derwydd Tagi's Phawchi

El Dorado Accoyo Rubicon

El Dorado Bacardi Gold

El Dorado Cambria
Beautiful El Dorado Cambria, with luster, luster, luster! Showing in 2009.

El Dorado Crystal Baroness
1/2 Accoyo Crystal Baroness can be bred to any of our fantastic herdsires and can be bred to produce color or white.

El Dorado Crystal Ice

El Dorado Harlequin Romance

El Dorado High Fashion By Armani

El Dorado Playmate of GVA

El Dorado Skye
Skye is a large boned ribbon winning girl with corkscrew locks from the famous Pperuvian Uribe line. We are excited about the potential of breeding her to white or to color. She has given us an awesome male from Pucara Kahuna who just took 1st place at the 2007 AlpacaMania show. She will be bred to full Accoyo Sir Baronoff this Fall.

MFI Peruvian Providence
For huacaya breeders we offer MFI Peruvian Providence, whose sire is Accoyo Titan - sire of multiple show winners and a direct Accoyo import. Providence's dam is Primadona who is the daughter of Ppperuvian Mr. President who sold for $155,000 in 2002 at 11 years of age. This was before the recent surge of high prices for well known herdsires. In other words Providence has pedigree to burn. Providence's fleece is the extremely bundled, high frequency style that we like.

MSA Peruvian Brunello
If you like tightly stapled, shining dark fiber, this is your boy! Now, this is a stunning fleece in a dark color. It's no surprise because Brunello is the grandson of another Studmaster male, MSA Peruvian Cannonero's, dam. So, on top of Cannonero's, Hemingway and Accoyo Camilio ancestors, you add Accoyo's Dracula and Accoyos Santino from Brunello's dams side. Santressa, is that dam and what a female she is. Now owned by Libby from Magical Farms she's a true elite dam. Can you imagine your colored daughters bred to Brunello because he will instill the quality of the best white fiber into your colored heritage? Brunello was the Reserve Champion to Cannonero at the 2003 Redmond AWE Show. Please note the 19.5 CofV which is excellent for a dark fawn fleece.

PVA Prince of Persia

El Dorado Accoyo Cloud Warrior

El Dorado Gold Panner
New Year Price

El Dorado Mojave

El Dorado Patron

El Dorado Sierra Rose

El Dorado Tequila's Popper
All we can say about Popper is WOW! Popcorn locks, fineness, great head, perfect bite from one of Hemingway's best sons, Studmaster MSA Hemingway's Tequila.

El Dorado Yuma

El Dorado Zahara
Zahara is a carbon copy full sister to El Dorado Zeena. Zahara has given us a beautiful white female out of MFI Peruvian Providence, El Dorado Passion.  She is currently bred to Brunello for a cria in Spring of 2010.

El Dorado Zeena
Zeena won the Fawn Color Championship at the Monterey Pronk in an extremely competitive class. The judge remarked upon her entering the ring, "That she was the one to beat..."

JA Gabriella
Gabby has won several ribbons including White Color Championship at the Monterey Pronk. But what makes Gabby a fantastic buy is that she produces Champions! We have kept her under wraps for our breeding program but will now offer her to you. This girl has an easy going disposition, beautiful bone, dense fleece and built like a macho. Our suggestion would be to breed her to our newest herdsire, El Dorado Tsunami, a dark brown very well awarded Brunello son. We have priced her right, a champion cria in the making.

El Dorado Cambria

El Dorado Charisma
Charisma is Cambria's first offspring and we were thrilled to get a female. Just look at the representative genetics is her pedigree including Accoyos Torbio, Chachapoya, Baron, Santiago, Rubia and Primadonna. There is also color on both sides or her pedigree and she does have a fawn spot on her shoulder to we woulkd consider breeding her to color such as PVA Prince of Persia oe Derwydd Tagi's Phawchi but she could also be bred to full Accoyos DDF Accoyo Armani or Derwydd's Accoyo Ch'aska - you make the choice.

Polo Fields Bordeux

ABS Faith
Faith is our finest white female from our original suris. A full Peruvian, 1/2 Accoyo suri from the Ganador line. She has outstanding lock structure, luster and conformation and is a blue ribbon winner. She recently gave birth to her second female cria, El Dorado Feather from Prince Caspian and are we excited about her. Faith is a color producer, we bred her to Don Diego of Peru and she produced a stunning dark fawn female who is currently bred to Chacotah's Wyuna. Faith can be bred to any of our outstanding herdsires and can be bred for white or color.

ATC Accoyo Ever After by Torbio

El Dorado Masquerade

El Dorado Cameo
Cameo should be an outstanding producer of white or colored suris. Her sire is full Accoyo Studmaster male Tiago Primo. She is being bred to full Accoyo Sir Baronoff in the Fall for a 3/4 Accoyo cria due in Fall 2008. JUST IN! Cameo delivered a beautiful female light fawn suri with luster luster luster. Cameo has now been bred to our herdsire Bordeux for a cria due in November of 2009.

El Dorado Chocolate Splash

Female cria at side!

El Dorado Cinnamon Skye

El Dorado Geneva

El Dorado Giada

El Dorado Mistique
Mistique brings strong color genes to our herd from Studmaster male NGG Accoyo Caezar and her outstanding dam Misti. We anticipate in showing her this Spring.

El Dorado Mystery

El Dorado Sierra
Sierra is an awesome young Bruxo daughter with greasy locks and luster. She has a fawn spot on one side of her neck from her dam Scarlett so in the future we will probably also try breeding her to color. She produced Sierra Legend out of our full Accoyo Sir Baronoff who just took 1st place at AlpacaMania. Sierra is currently bred to Makeanu of PVA and due in May. Let's see what his color can bring to our Sierra.

El Dorado Sierra Legend

Genoa of PVA

Godivia of AJG
Godivia was a special find for us. A few days after we purchased her she delivered a beautiful fawn female suri from LCA Zambesi, El Dorado Geneva. This next cria should be really special, as we have bred her to Gambini of PVA. This could be a color match made in heaven. Godivia comes with a breeding to any of our herdsires.

QAI2 Dulcinea Importy 98
Dulcinea is in our foundation herd. She is a beautiful mahogany brown and has produced color in her offspring.

QAINT Colchahua
Colchahua has thrown us three beautiful dark colored suri offspring. Cameo a female won 1st place at Alpaca Mania and is from Studmaster Tiago Primo, a male, Bruxo's Masque a lustrous silky dark male and now a second dark brown female from our Prince Caspian The Tenth. Cameo just had her first cria from Prince Caspian and is now being bred to Sir Baronoff. Since Colchahua has given us two female offspring she is now being sold as our original suri herd has given us the next generation females we were hoping they would produce.

El Dorado Warrior Princess


Corneliani of PVA

El Dorado Wind Surfer
This nice male has taken the show ring by storm. 2nd at the Monterey Pronk and 1st and Reserve Color Champion at Alpacamania. 1st Place at the 2009 California Classic. He should start his breeding career this fall of 2009. If you like big boned, a beautiful head and dense lusterous fleece check our Windsurfer. With both Pucara Kahuna as his sire and NGG Caezar on his dam's side he has the makings of a great herdsire.

HVLA Black Jack

Polo Field Pippen

Silvestre El Boliviano M0285 AOA



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Once alpaca fleece is in the bag, what is it worth? Understanding what qualities the buyer desires most is the key to getting maximum value from alpaca fiber production.

About Transporting Alpacas
Alpacas are easy to transport. Transport can be done in a mini-van for one or two alpacas, or in larger livestock and horse trailers.

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We are dedicated to the continual improvement in the quality of both suris and hucayas by breeding to only the finest herdsires. We have chosen to breed both suris and huacayas and to focus on quality and diversity by breeding both white and colored animals to be able to offer a variety of choices to our clients.

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History of Alpacas
The Alpaca has a rich and storied past. Starting at a position of worship by the Incan civilization to near extinction at the hands of the Conquistadors and then landing in an enviable place in today's livestock business, the alpaca has existed alongside man for over 5,000 years. The articles in this section bring this history to light.

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Alpaca husbandry is the management and daily care of your alpacas.

Ideal Alpaca Community Member
The Ideal Alpaca Community is a group of breeders who believe in the ultimate potential of the alpaca. We are joined together by common principles and goals. Our collective purpose is to raise genetically superior alpacas that produce high volumes of fine fleece. We have chosen the Internet as the communication medium we will use to reach our mutual goals, keeping our individual farms and ranches informed of our collective achievements.

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Alpacas are typically shorn once a year. Each alpaca will produce between 6 and 12 pounds of wonderful fleece.

Showing is a great opportunity to market your breeding program. It is also a terrific networking environment that lets you keep in touch with other breeders and learn what new things are happening in the industry.

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The Joy of Alpacas By Mike Safely
Alpacas live closer to heaven than any other living creature. At midnight in the Andean Altiplano; you can see forever as the shimmering alpacas leap from the icy mountain tops to the diamond set sky of the Sierra. They will reappear at dawn. Alpacas are magical.


Your California Accoyo Suri Connection By Laurie Findlay

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Calpaca is the oldest regional alpaca breeders association in the Northern Hemisphere and home to the oldest alpaca bloodlines in North America.

The Alpaca Breeders of Southern California Inc, (SoCalpaca), was established to educate the public about Alpacas, to promote the industry, and to improve the health of Camelids.

The Alpaca Registry
The Alpaca Registry, Inc. (ARI), headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska is the largest alpaca pedigree registry in the world. Using advanced DNA technology, ARI validates the parentage of alpacas submitted for pedigree registration...

Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association
This association which was established in 1988 is the governing organization of the alpaca industry in the United States.

Quechua Benefit
The highlands of Peru are home to the vast majority of all the alpacas in the world. The Quechua Indians, who domesticated the vicuna more than five thousand years ago, are the ancestral keepers of the alpaca.

Ideal Alpaca Community
The Ideal Alpaca Community is a group of like minded breeders who believe in the ulitimate potential of the alpaca.  We are joined together by common principles and goals.  Our collective purpose is to raise genetically superior alpacas that produce high volumes of fine fleece. 

Mountain Jewel Alpacas

Visit our friends Sherm & Cindy Whitlock at Mountain Jewel Alpacas who have done very well in the showring with two of their MFI Peruvian Providence sons.

They can be found at

Alpaca Rugs

Alpaca Fiber from the Textile Point of View By Mike Safley
Once alpaca fleece is in the bag, what is it worth? The textile manufacturer could not care less whether the fleece available for sale came from a prize winning stud or the herd's ugly duckling. Understanding what qualities the buyer desires most is the key to getting maximum value from alpaca fiber production...

CHS camalidynamics

Shear Success By Susan Muther | HaSu Ranch Alpacas
Alpaca fleece can be quite valuable. It is cherished by those all over the world who appreciate luxurious garments. As alpaca breeders, our focus is on the quality of the fiber produced by our alpacas. Part of that focus is treating that fiber as the valuable commodity it is. One of the most important days of an alpaca breeder's year is shearing day. Shearing day is when the precious fiber, the reason alpacas are owned and bred, is harvested. Alpacas are sheared only once a year and produce on average between 5 -10 lbs of fiber but only 2.5 to 7 lbs of that fiber is prime quality fiber...



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